Austech Dental Engineering
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4-TEK Suction and Compressors 

4-TEK Suction and Compressor Units, designed and manufactured in Italy

Rain + series Suction motor units, using Mitsubishi Inverter control for better control of suction.

The Rain + series suction units are available in sizes that suits all surgery design, be it a -  1 chair surgery,  2 to 3 chairs,  3 to 4 chairs, the combination is limitless. 

-Amalgam separators available for all units if required.

-There is also a Dry suction option available.

                                                                                         -Very competitive prices against other available suction units.                                                                                                      Please do not hesitate to phone for sizes and prices.

4-TEK Monster and Mirage range of Oil-less Compressors, with Dryers to deliver clean, moisture free compressed air.

Available in sizes to suit all surgery design, be it a  - 1 chair surgery, 

2 to 3 chairs,  3 to 4 chairs,  the combination is limitless.